Hazel Catkins

Hazel Catkins is a loose impression of the spring bursting forth all around in the garden here: hazel, magnolia, primroses dotting the grass. Zürich is full of these cat ladders which lead to the upper-story-windows of houses. Our neighbor cats appear there like clockwork every evening to bask in the sun and survey the surroundings. (Not today – the snow is back!)This painting was created using the March Colori Combo Challenge 8 colors of Pumpkin, Merlot, and Slate Grey. I thought it would be fun to play with some mixes for the colors so used Rose of Ultramarine from Daniel…

The Watchful Jungle in Sage, Yellow, and Coffee

Who is peering out of the floral wilderness? This colorway of “The Watchful Jungle“ print is my entry for this week’s Spoonflower x LainSnow challenge, which was to create a small-scale boho floral in sage, yellow, and coffee. I was initially a little skeptical about the color combination, but enjoyed developing this project and it has really been eye-opening seeing all the lovely things people came up with.

The Watchful Jungle

The title of this painting became “The Watchful Jungle” once the eyes mysteriously appeared in the tree (my children gleefully proclaimed that it is clearly Randall from Monsters, Inc 😄, hee hee hee). When I look at it, I think of the wild spirit of the rainforest with the challenge of caring for its inhabitants and resources and honoring and learning about its stories and traditions as the modern world races along. I miss the tropical forests I grew up with in Hawaii very much, so am glad to be able to visit the Masoala Regenwald here in Zürich at…

Trees of Life for Ukraine

I loved researching Ukrainian folk motifs for this design, which is inspired by embroidery and pysanky and particularly the Tree of Life, symbol of hope and renewal. The colors are from the Petal solids range. We waxed and dyed eggs with patterns like these years ago and this project brought back a lot of memories.Although these are very much my own imaginings and take, my intention was simply to learn more about the culture and to create this with great admiration and respect for the people of Ukraine. I’m donating any proceeds from this one to support the humanitarian effort…

Harvest Festival Weed Blossoms

This design was for the In the Weeds challenge last week with Spoonflower and will be available in the next couple of days. These blossoms from the field verge have been gathered for centuries to celebrate the grain harvest and give thanks for their bee-nourishing role. Reminds me very much of all the lockdown rambles across the English and German countrysides in the past couple of years. We learned so much about all the plants and birds, a gift from these strange times.Featured are poppy, cornflower, field mustard, chamomile, and corn cockle together with wheat. Colors are from the Petal…

Pâtisserie Dawn Chorus

Here is this week’s Spoonflower Challenge entry. The prompt called for using the limited colors of Cotton Candy, Seaglass, and Lilac from the Petal Solids range to create coordinating prints. I also added the Honeydew color as the fourth choice. The palette reminded me of the tempting displays at Ladurée and Conditorei Schober here in Zürich along with the beautiful lithographs of Peynet, so I ended up at dawn in this sweet forest of pastry trees. 😊

Y2K Bug Zipper Hysteria

Anyone else remember the Y2K Zipper conspiracy theory? These little buggy Y2K zipper pulls are mischievously unzipping an endless glowing motherboard. The colors for this pattern are inspired by the fruity iMac colors of 1999 and 2000 (tangerine, strawberry, lime, blueberry, grape and the classic Bondi Blue) as well as video games from the year like Chu Chu Rocket. As the new century approached, the news was flooded with stories about the effort to keep all the world’s computers from suddenly ceasing to function due to the “Y2K Bug,” which would be unleashed by the necessary change from two-digit to…

Pocket Treasures

Here’s Pocket Treasures; I was thinking of a child building  pocket world for the favorite stuffed animal friend, one lucky find at a time. I hope you find some of your childhood favorites in this pattern.  As a parent, I must admit that many surfaces in my house look something like this, so it wasn’t hard to come up with ideas! Couldn’t resist making the best friend a bunny; I am glad to still have mine. What did you like to look for and keep in your pockets?

Love-in-Idleness Mermaid’s Song

Introducing “Love-in-Idleness Mermaid’s Song,” based on Oberon’s directive to Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dream to fetch the wild pansy for his love potion, this pattern is in Very Peri and opalescent tones. Look for Cupid and the mermaid singing (the notes are from Monteverdi’s Ecco mormorar l’onde -Here Murmer the Waves- of 1590), the ships, and stylized Elizabethan-era imaginings of porpoises and a whale. There are also a number of items associated with Queen Elizabeth herself, who is thought to be the “imperial votaress” referred to in the speech: pearls (the moon?), a crown, a pelican, and a globe…

Aloha * Welcome * Grüezi

Thanks for finding your way here to witness the building of this website. More on the way… 🤠

Two views of the back garden, Cambridgeshire, 2020.