Hazel Catkins

Hazel Catkins is a loose impression of the spring bursting forth all around in the garden here: hazel, magnolia, primroses dotting the grass. Zürich is full of these cat ladders which lead to the upper-story-windows of houses. Our neighbor cats appear there like clockwork every evening to bask in the sun and survey the surroundings. (Not today – the snow is back!)
This painting was created using the March Colori Combo Challenge 8 colors of Pumpkin, Merlot, and Slate Grey. I thought it would be fun to play with some mixes for the colors so used Rose of Ultramarine from Daniel Smith and mixed up a version of their gorgeous Aussie Red Gold (which I don’t have.) The grays mostly combine the Ultramarine from the purple with the PR101 from the Red Gold, but I dabbled in a few actual gray pigments too here and there.

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