Harvest Festival Weed Blossoms

This design was for the In the Weeds challenge last week with Spoonflower and will be available in the next couple of days. These blossoms from the field verge have been gathered for centuries to celebrate the grain harvest and give thanks for their bee-nourishing role. Reminds me very much of all the lockdown rambles across the English and German countrysides in the past couple of years. We learned so much about all the plants and birds, a gift from these strange times.
Featured are poppy, cornflower, field mustard, chamomile, and corn cockle together with wheat. Colors are from the Petal Solid range. Many of these plants have such incredible other names from folklore. I learned a lot about these from the More than Weeds chalking campaign (see https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/may/01/not-just-weeds-how-rebel-botanists-are-using-graffiti-to-name-forgotten-flora-aoe) and Dr. Storl’s book „Die Unkräuter in meinem Garten.“

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