New and Upcoming

Tiger Hat Festival

Tiger Hat Festival Print
Eyes in Red, Green, and Gold
Orange and Gold Tiger Tile

Year of the Tiger Good Wishes Banner with Chengyu
Red Phoenix Abstract on Turquoise
Pink, Red, and Blue Medallion Stripe
Tiger Hat Kaleidoscope in Turquoise, Orange, and Magenta (available in various scales and colorways)
Tigers Green Chevron
Range of Coordinates for Quilting and Design (Example Pattern Test Squares on One Yard)

Alpine Wildflower Trail

Alpine Wildflower Trail Adventure
Battle of the Flower Fairies and Frost Giants for Switzerland in Very Peri
Alpine Wildflowers on Bed of Fresh Hay
Carthusian Pink Tea Towel with excerpt of Das Blümlein Wunderschön (Goethe)
Battle of the Flower Fairies and Frost Giants for Switzerland, Smaller Scale
Alpine Wildflowers in Very Peri
Carthusian Pink Print
Alpine Wildflower Multicolor
Alpine Wildflower Adventure Smaller Scale Wallpaper

Into the Garden Dancing

Into the Garden Dancing Print
Multistripe Tile Kaleidoscope as Wallpaper
Zoomed view of Largest Scale Multistripe Kaleidoscope in Orange colorway
Larger Yellow Multistripe, coordinates with Larger Scale Red for more garment construction cutting-placement options.
Into the Garden Dancing Large
Largest Scale Multistripe in Yellow (three coordinating prints available in this scale)
Blue Semi-Solid Background Print
Largest Scale Multistripe Kaleidoscope in Red
Scan of core print on the new Cotton Lawn (currently in Beta testing)
Multistripe Tile Kaleidoscope
Storks’ Celebration (Original with Abundant Food Confetti)
Blue for Into the Garden Dancing
Alpine Wildflowers in Fresh Hay