Dr. Amber Marie Bone (she/her)

Au, Kanton Zürich, Schweiz

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ambermariebone [at]

I am an artist and designer with a background in the performing arts and the academic realm. I have been a bibliophile all my life, and am glad to have had many chances to dream stories into theatrical magic with sleuthed-, found-, and invented materials and ideas: onstage, from the director’s seat, and in the costume and scenery shops.  I am fascinated by the tales people have told one another throughout the ages to try to explain the world, especially those that are being shifted under the sands of time again due to the migrations of cultures or which concern animals and plants. I love to research literature and legends and many of my creations are therefore inspired by folklore and proverbs, historical artifacts and events, and the natural world.

Visually my art has roots in the places I have most known and loved, from the vividness and rich variety of the tropics to the ornateness and fantasy in the art and architecture traditions of Europe, particularly among the colorists and designers of the first part of the 20th century. I am especially drawn to the study of illumination: the way light changes on the water throughout the day or in the face of an opal, the chiaroscuro of kaleidoscopes and stained glass, and the wizardry of stage effects. Ever the magpie cobbling together troves of curiosities, I scribble, collage, and layer in mixed media: watercolor and acrylic, ink, crayon, and pencil combined with digital design. I was born and grew up in Hawaii, was a music and opera professor in Washington state for a decade and came to Europe with my family in 2017. We spent several years in Cambridgeshire, UK and Baden-Württemberg, Germany and are now based in beautiful Zürich, Switzerland.

The fields at Cape Cornwall near St. Just in Penwith. Part of my family lived and worked here before emigrating to Hawaii via South Africa.